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Why did we call the company “Periapt Technologies”?

When we were thinking about setting up Periapt Technologies, it happens that I read that the word had been saved from destruction. The sound of the word appeals to me and in any case the word resonated with me as I have played a Dungeons and Dragons character, who acquired a periapt of wisdom. Beyond that I was also strongly motivated by the words of Arthur C. Clarke in Profiles of The Future (1961):

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

What struck me is that the statement can be reversed. A poorly designed and written website leaves its underlying technology on display for everyone. A well written website need not hide its technology behind smoke and mirrors, but the curtain definitely should not come crashing down as it does for the Wizard of Oz.

Toto tugs and pulls away a shiny green curtain drape that covers a small booth, revealing, unmasking and exposing a white-haired, ordinary man who is furiously and frantically pulling levers, dials, switches and levers on an elaborate machine to control all the Wizard’s special technological effects in the projected image. The fraudulent man (Frank Morgan again) suddenly looks over his shoulder and sees Dorothy and the others. After being found out for his fraudulent manipulations [similar to the chicanery of the carnival showman Professor Marvel earlier in the film], he tries to distract them but then sheepishly identifies himself:

The Wizard (covering up with the curtain): The Great Oz has spoken. Pay no attention to that man behind the has spoken.

It is precisely that sort of service that a webmaster must strive to avoid. A webmaster must be in a position to allow his users to continue believing that he is a wizard, a master of strange and arcane arts. And furthermore a webmaster must strive to remain on top of four disciplines that curiously correspond to the four types of periapt mentioned in the Dungeon Master’s Guide:

Correspondence between the periapts and the four duties of a webmaster
Type of Periaptduty of the webmaster
Periapt of healthA webmaster must keep his system updated to recent stable software versions and monitored for any health or overloading issues.
Periapt of proof against poisonA webmaster must be aware of and defend against all sorts of exploits, worms and malware.
Periapt of wisdomA webmaster must keep his himself up–to–date with the latest technologies.
Periapt of wound closureA webmaster must keep adequate backups to ensure that he can deal with disaster.
Behind the magic there has to be technology:
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