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Have any other organizations or individuals used the same name?

Yes, ours is not the only organization to use this great word in their name. Although none of these organizations are in any way connected to ours, we feel that they are our name brothers. So meet the family!
Organizations using the word periapt
PERIAPTThis used to be "PERIAPT is a preparatory action, undertaken as a Specific support action within the ERA-NET scheme (ERA stands for European Research Area). Involving senior research programme managers from the ministries and food authorities of an initial group of five Member States, it has established for the first time a forum for the interchange of information and expertise in the field of food safety risk identification. The initial group is expected to grow as additional partners are identified, and will eventually submit a joint proposal for a full follow-up ERA-NET project." but now is a technology blog.
periapt@perlmonks.orgThere is a user called periapt on the excellent perl community website,
Periapt clothingWe develop our mission based on the meaning of periapt, which used to comfort one’s spirit in ancient. Periapt means amulet, to protect someone from harm or danger. We have transformed this idea to be more functional nowadays. It can now be anything that is valuable or symbolically meaningful. We aim at designing protective clothing, and also striving to reach customers. demand by visual design, and finally to become the periapt of customers.
Periapt FoodsA restaurant in Kensington that apparently does not have a website.
Miss Sarah OccleshawMiss Sarah Occleshaw has adopted the word and given it a loving home.
periapt.comThis used to be real estate company but the domain is now parked.
Behind the magic there has to be technology:
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