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3rd June 2009 — To promote or not to promote

A little while back I was trying to work out whether to join the Dreamstime referral program. Whilst a stock image company does not pepper the plains with smokestacks or plunder the oceans of all life, it must have just as much impact as any other office and travel based business. So before joining I wanted to know what their attitude to the environment is. The reply was as follows:

We are aware of these policies. We are a young company and although this is not an excuse, we have not gotten yet involved in programs you mention which are more or less available to our locations. As far as our business is concerned, we share your opinion about the impact on the environment and we try to get involved to a certain extent at least if applying such policies is not possible at the moment - due to, as mentioned, our location. Our last assignment was designed in this sense:

So for the moment I will not join, but I will not take any further action until I have had more time to review the market.

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