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Getting information

18th May 2009 — Yooster

Getting good information about environmentally friendly companies currently seems to rely on Google. So I am quite excited about yooster. According to their website:

the UK's first green and ethical product review panel, where you get the chance to find out about products and services that make a positive contribution to our lives and the environment, try them out and tell us what you think – all for free.

Sadly their application process does not seem to be automated so I'll have to wait until they let me in.

21st May 2009 — Sustained and business green

I very nearly took out a subscription to sustained magaizne. I was impressed by the articles on the madness of fuel price protestors but I was put off by one Jules Peck. I may be doing him an injustice but he comes across to me as anti-business. So I was quite relieved when I discovered Business green. It is what it says on the tin and is the more refreshing for it.

27th May 2009 — Yooster no star

I am sorry to report that noone from yooster ever got back to me. I have reapplied under my new corporate email so they have a second chance.

30th April 2010 — Ethical Junction

Ethical Junction Member 2010

I am pleased to announce that we have joined Ethical Junction, which is a network of companies interested in a more ethical business world. We have already started finding some suppliers via their business directory.

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