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Business cards

18th May 2009 — Looking for green business cards

I have looked at a number of printing companies and as yet I am disappointed. Vistaprint are clearly an excellant multinational firm, personally recommended to me by several people. They have an excellant website packed with useful services and good prices. However I cannot find any mention on their website of any environmentally friendly approach to handling paper. I have contacted them and I got the following reply:

We have received your inquiry regarding printing your Business Cards on recycled or FSC approved paper. While we do not currently offer these paper stock, we would be happy to pass your comments along to the appropriate department.

Alocalprinter claim that recycled paper is not more expensive than ordinary paper. However their business cards are something like twice as expensive as Vistaprint’s premium offering. So far the best deal on environmentally friendly business cards I have found is from solopress. I do not yet have enough information to make a firm decision.

21st May 2009 — Silly offers and super operators

I have received several more communications from Vistaprint (well I did sign up to their product update service).

Be stylish and eco-friendly – design a FREE Cotton Bag now! Congratulations! You've been chosen to receive FREE Business Cards + FREE Pen + FREE T-Shirt!

Still no affirmative answer to the original question of eco-friendly business cards however. I am in the process of ordering 5000 business cards from solopress. Even with a standard delivery charge of £15, they are the cheapest conscience clean printer I can find. I only have a few niggles with their website. I had to ring them up to find out what their delivery price was though it is made clear during the order process. To upload the artwork you either have to install a java applet or filezilla. Since I use filezilla all the time I opted for that. However in order to find the host, user and password you have to watch a flash video which explains in excellent detail how to download and use filezilla. Also the website does not state clearly where the collection point (to avoid delivery charges) is though one could guess that since they display badges for winning Southend business awards.

27th May 2009 — Solopress deliver

Yesterday the business cards from solopress arrived. Altogether I am delighted with their service as the quality is good, the turnaround time good and they appear eager to help and check that everything is in order. I am still getting silly emails from Vistaprint, so I better try and deregister myself from their website.

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