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27th May 2009 — Santander surprise

We had signed upto abbey on account of their excellent reputation and their straightfoward, no charges online bank account. Getting set up has been a little slow but I am very happy with the online and telephone service once up and running. So I was a bit disappointed to receive a bank statement in paper form. I rang them up and I was told that it was not possible to turn this facility off. So I then ask if there is a statement on the company’s environmental policy on the website. The reply is no. So I then ask about the complaints procedure. The reply is that I have to write to the address on the bank statement and that it is not possible to complain online. As it happens today is the day that it was announced that the Santander brand is going to be rolled out across the entire group including Abbey. So I look at the group website and I do find a short and vague pdf on Santander environmental policy.

3rd June 2009 — Santander confusion

I tried to contact Santander and I was told that Santander cannot accept responsibility for Abbey. Then our company secretary got a letter from the Alliance and Leicester (another part of the Santander group) suggesting that she open a business account with them. So altogether Abbey is starting to lose marks with us and even worse I am kicking myself that I did not pay the Co–op more consideration as they have a serious ethical policy. On the other hand Santander is going through this consolidation process and I have really had enough to think about. So I am thinking of reviewing the situation in six to twelve months.

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