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A carbon neutral company

My previous life

As an individual I have always strived to not damage the environment. My personal principles have always included the following:

  • Never drop litter except in whatever passes for a waste basket;
  • Always try to plan your life around rail travel rather than car travel;
  • Buy a diesel car rather than a petrol car;
  • Avoid using plastic bags or at least reuse old ones;
  • Turn off lights when not in use;
  • Install energy savng light bulbs wherever possible;
  • Recycle paper twice - first as scrap paper and then via a recycling provider;
  • Buy recycled paper whenever possible.

I thus assumed I was doing my bit though I never thought of myself as being part of the environmental movement. Thus I was greatly disappointed when I took a simple carbon footprint test and found that we were above average contributers to climate change.

Our commitment

So from this moment on we, both as a company and as a family, we commit to becoming carbon neutral. Specifically this means the following:

  • We will measure and offset our contributions to global warming.
  • We will systematically reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We will document on this webpage what steps we are planning or have taken.
  • We will take particular care to avoid the six sins of greenwash.
  • Where we have a choice between investing in new forests and new energy sources we will choose the latter.

Progress so far

  1. Information
  2. Business cards
  3. Computing
  4. Energy
  5. Carbon offsetting
  6. Banking
  7. Stock images
  8. Office
Behind the magic there has to be technology:
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